Sterling and Black Associates

Is your organization or department having trouble meeting its revenue targets and other key metrics? Do you need to craft and execute an outreach strategy across different stakeholder groups? Are your teams unable to collaborate successfully? Do you know which digital marketing strategies to deploy or which social media channels to use to move your business or organization forward?

Sterling and Black Associates,a management consulting firm, works with Senior Executives including CEOs, Executive Directors, CMOs, CFOs, VPs and team leaders to solve the following problems:

  1. Find new sources of sustainable revenue
  2. Manage and implement wholesale changes in the organization’s strategic direction
  3. Strengthen their teams’ leadership or core competencies
  4. Improve their organization’s efficiency and effectiveness
  5. Craft marketing, outreach and communications strategies that use both off-line and digital channels
  6. Develop and market new products
When you engage us, you can expect the following outcomes:
  • Improved business results such as increased revenues
  • Clarity around your organization’s specific business objectives
  • Improved collaboration within and across teams
  • Strengthened business systems and processes
  • Creative, authentic and impactful marketing, outreach and communications strategies for both digital, as well as offline channels
  • Product development roadmaps
  • Realistic implementation plans

Sterling and Black Associates has worked with a variety of organizations from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies in both the for-profit as well as not-for-profit sectors.

We have a solid record of success in helping our clients reach their goals that proves our approach works. It can work for you as well!

Please browse our web site for detailed information on how your organization can benefit from working with us. And make sure you get our free report, “A five step process to revamp your organizational strategy”

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