Several Tips TO Distinguish Authentic Coach

Coach is different from other international brands, continued to adhere to the high cost of manual manufacturing, but also focus much on introducing high quality. Feedstock, Coach has been to practicality and durability of leather based itself, between the traditional and pop balance and maintain the price of plain, is very suitable for fashionable ladies senior brand. It is because of this, a Coach around the streets, so how to identify Coach bags of true and false, as follows:
1,Logo Coach
Genuine Logo parts, the color is more obvious, in black and white as an example. fake will be close to black and gray, and genuine is close to black and white, on the grounds that needle fabric different number, genuine woven more dense, and fake of the pin number enough so it seems darker color.
Bag Coach Lippi within seal the words are very clear, YKK zipper some words in the above (hand bag), zipper color uniformity. If it is circular ring buckle, the seams will delicate small protrusions.
3,serial number and origin
Coach's bag most of all have a leather product number and origin, the text of this part of the leather.All the imprint is very clear, and fake of the imprint is very light, very vague, and each bag has a unique model.
The leather part is actually the best identification, because Coach's leather has a thick skin smell, and its leather after special treatment, so the taste and the general leather some different. General fake leather bag is hard, large pores, so some leather part will not mean and the ups and downs of the situation. The curling edge of Each Coach bag will be carefully trimmed, shoulder straps will wax edge. And there will be no rough edges phenomenon.
5.Coach bag fine exquisite workmanship, seam uniform stitches, does not appear fake bag run line, short-term, jumper, pin not uniform interval or too wide situation.

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